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Samaraneftegaz JSC, Rosneft's oil-producing enterprise in the Samara Region, has been operating since 1936. During this time the enterprise has produced more than 1.28 billion tons of oil and about 87 billion m3 of associated gas.

The first commercial oil on the territory of Samara region was produced in 1936 at well No.8 in Syzran region, and in 1937 well No.10 of Syzran oilfield gave the first influx from the depth of 1,020 meters with daily flow of 60 tons.

Oil production peaked in 1972 when Samara oilmen extracted 35.4 million tons of oil from the subsurface.

Today the joint-stock company performs production activity at 133 license areas in the Samara and Orenburg regions.

Special attention is paid to prospecting and exploratory drilling, which maximizes the potential of the company, constantly and systematically providing it with reserve additions.

Expansion of the resource base and additions to reserves are the priority tasks for Samaraneftegaz.

The most important principles of the company are rational development of natural resources and introduction of advanced technologies to reduce the environmental impact. Every year the company increases investments in environmental protection measures, creating a modern, high-tech production, working in harmony with nature. The company implemented a targeted gas program, under which gas compressor stations and a multiphase pumping station were put into operation. Four sites for processing of soils with high hydrocarbon content are in operation. Water intake from surface water bodies for injection into formations to maintain reservoir pressure was completely halted.Also, the company pays special attention to improving the reliability of pipelines using new technologies and materials.