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Samaraneftegaz JSC is an oil producing company of PJSC NK Rosneft situated in the Samara Region; it has been operating for more than 80 years. During this time, the company has produced more than 1.2 billion tons of oil and more than 78 billion cubic meters of gas.

The first commercial oil in the Samara Region was produced in 1936 at drilling rig No. 8 in the Syzran District, whereas in 1937 first gusher from 1020 meters depth with daily rate of 60 tons blew out from the well No. 10 of the Syzran oil field.

1972 saw peak oil production, when Samara oilers extracted 35.4 million tons of oil from the bowels.

 To date, the joint-stock company operates in 168 licensed sites in the Samara and Orenburg Regions.   The company's balance sheet includes 190 fields, of which 154 are being developed, and 36 explored.  According to the results of 2016, the following five fields accounted for almost 30% of oil production: Kuleshovskoye (9.7%), Mukhanovskoye (5.4%), South Orlovskoye (5.2%), Barinovo-Lebyazhinskoye (5%), Utevskoye (3.8%). 

Last year Samaraneftegaz extracted 12.2 million tons of oil, which is a 3.3% more than a year earlier. The increase in production was due to the development of new operational sites, the commissioning of new wells, the use of advanced technologies and the effective implementation of a set of geological and technical measures. The increase in the production of hydrocarbons was also facilitated by the launch of new auxiliary infrastructure facilities. In 2016, the company built about 300 kilometers of pipelines, 124 kilometers of power lines.

Samaraneftegaz increases the number of drilled wells every year. While until 2013 there were no more than 50 wells, since 2014 the drilling rate has significantly increased: 98 wells in 2014, 128 wells in 2015 and 131 wells in 2016.

The key to increasing the volume of oil production is the increase in the volumes of development drilling. In 2016, the company increased the commercial drilling speed from 1,310 meters per machine-month to 1,364, which helped to drill through 312 thousand meters of rocks.  

The joint-stock company pays particular attention to exploration drilling, which maximizes the potential of the company, constantly and systematically providing it with a reserve increase of more than 10 million tons of oil per year. The meters drilled by the company as part of exploration drilling in 2016 amounted to 16 thousand meters of rocks.

Minimizing the impact on the environment is a priority of Samaraneftegaz JSC. This goal is supported by the  Gorbatov site for the processing of oil-contaminated soils and three gas compressor stations. Kozlovskaya, Sologaevskaya and Yablonevskaya, commissioned in 2016. According to the results of 2016, Samaraneftegaz JSC was named the winner of the 100 Best Organizations of Russia contest for the fourth time Environment and Environmental Management.  

In 2017, the joint-stock company acquired 2 subsoil plots, Dalniy and Zorkinsky, with oil resources of the D0 category - 2.63 million tons and of the categories D1l + D1 - 9.7 million tons.

As a result of intensive exploration work, the discovery of greenfields and deposits, the active acquisition of licensed sites in subsoil auctions, over the past decade, the recoverable oil reserves of industrial categories increased from 275 million tons in 2007 to 387 million tons in 2017.

The number of fields and licensed sites increased  for 10 years from 119 and 101 in 2007 to 168 and 190 in 2017, respectively.


In 2010 Company fields in Samara Region produced 75.8 mln barrels of oil and 0.5 bln cubic meters of gas (not including amounts flared off). Despite high levels of depletion at developed fields the region still has significant potential for expansion of the resource base and of production. A total of 17 new licenses for geological study, exploration and production of hydrocarbons in Samara Region were obtained in 2010. OJSC Samaraneftegaz has shown yearly increases of production since it became part of Rosneft. Growth of production in the reporting year was 2.7%. The geographical proximity of Samaraneftegaz fields to Russia’s biggest oil refining center ensures the high economic efficiency of operations.


In June 2007, Samaraneftegaz won the Regional Mineral Resource Agency’s auction of development licenses to the Sovetsky (Kinelsky region) and Biryukovsky (Bogatovsky region) oil blocks, which both have access to the company’s production infrastructure. The company paid RUB 932 mln (USD 36 mln) for the licenses.

In March-May 2008, Samaraneftegaz obtained two licences for exploration and production of hydrocarbons subsequent to discovery of the Kiselevskoye and South-Butlerovskoye fields in Samara Region. The licenses are valid for 20 years.

Samaraneftegaz produced 70.3 mln barrels (9.61 mln tonnes) of oil and gas condensate and 0.33 bln cubic meters of gas during 2009.