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Rosneft Opens Three Filling Stations in Smolensk Region

31 January 2013

Rosneft has officially opened three filling stations in the Smolensk region.

The Safonovo filling station was completely rebuilt, while the facilities in Gagarin and Roslavl were remodelled from existing services as part of Rosneft’s retail network development programme. The new stations have the capacity to handle more customers and offer a wide range of services, including spacious shops, cafes and cash machines. They also accept cards for payment and offer loyalty card schemes.

The new filling stations are fully compliant with environmental and industrial safety requirements. A fuel vapour recovery system stops vapour escaping into the atmosphere, while twin-walled reservoirs with inter-wall leakage monitoring eliminate the possibility of ground leakages. The drainage system is equipped with filters. Particular attention was paid to fire safety during planning and construction. All the filling stations are accessible for the disabled.

In their comments, the heads of the municipal districts and administrations of the three Smolensk region districts home to the new filling stations noted their important social role. The opening of three new filling stations created 50 new jobs and important roadside infrastructure to offer residents new types of services that meet Rosneft’s high standards of quality. 24-hour mini markets will also provide an alternative to supermarkets for local residents.

Rosneft will continue to develop its retail network of filling stations in the region this year.

Rosneft Information Division, January 31, 2013

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