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On situation at Achinsk oil refinery

18 June 2014

On June 15, 2014 there was a serious accident at Achinsk oil refinery. Unfortunately, as a result, people died and some were injured. President and all Company’s staff send their condolences to the victims’ relatives.

An Emergency Operations Center headed by Rosneft Vice-president is working at the scene of the accident. We elaborated a Plan on rectification of the consequences of the accident and full recovery with bringing operation facilities at the level of capacity, corresponding with pre-fault values of the plant. The situation is under individual control of Rosneft President Igor Sechin.

All the employees injured in the course of the accident get necessary medical assistance to the full extent, badly traumatized were delivered at Burn Center of Regional hospital in Krasnoyarsk, one of the best medical establishments of Russia, possessing qualified staff and modern equipment. We hope for a speedy recovery of all our colleagues.

The Company administers financial aid to all injured and to relatives of dead and controls insurance payments. All families of dead employees will be taken in ward of the Company. Every family, which lost their supporter, will get an individual range of privileges, which, apart from monthly compensation payments will include the payment for children’s lodgment in pre-school institutions, submission of free health resort vouchers, summer camp recreation, help in payment of existing credit obligations and other privileges.

Rosneft will put all its efforts to reconstruct production on a tight schedule. During the period of manufacture reconstruction all the employees of the plant will continue working both in objects in service (not affected by the accident) and conduct repair works. In the period of repair and recovery activities all the employees of Achinsk oil refinery are guaranteed with on time repayment of salary and all their social guarantees will be kept. The Company realizes all the measures needed to keep the planned level of plant employee’s salary.

For any questions employees may call the helpline 8-3915-95-36-26.

At the moment of the accident Achinsk oil refinery was at planned maintenance works. A necessary storage of oil products was saved before the maintenance works. The delivery of oil products to Krasnoyarsk region was conducted from other Company’s plants as well. In connection with the accident additional steps were taken on uninterruptable provision of consumers with fuel.

Information Division,
June 18, 2014