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Syzran Refinery increased oil refining and oil products output over 9 months

13 November 2014

Following the results of nine months of 2014, Syzran Refinery, a part of the Samara group of refineries of Rosneft, increased output of major oil products compared to the same period in 2013.

For instance, almost 1.5 million tons of diesel fuel were produced which is 12% higher compared to the first nine months of 2013, and exceeds the plan by 18%. Production of motor spirit increased by 85 thousand tons compared to the previous year, and amounted to 900 thousand tons. The plant exceeded the business plan by 14%. Production of light-oil products increased by 3.5% compared to the same period of 2013, up to over 3 million tons.

Also throughput performance amounted to about 5.5 million tons of oil, which is 144 thousand tons more than for the previous year, and 10% over target figures. This strong performance was possible due to the systematic process flow optimization within the specified plant capacity, to modernization program implemented at Syzran Refinery.

Notes for Editors:

Syzran Refinery produces over 30 brands of oil products, including motor spirits and diesel fuel compliant with Euro-4 and Euro-5 standards, atmospheric residue, coal tar, liquid gas, broad fraction of light hydrocarbons, sulfuric acid, jet fuel, marine fuel, etc. In 2013, throughput performance amounted to over 6.8 million tons.

Currently Syzran Refinery is under active phase of the large-scale investment program aimed at production modernization towards complete transition to the output of motor fuel compliant with Euro-5 standard, and increase of refining depth, improvement of environmental and industrial safety.

Information Division,
November 13, 2014