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Operational drilling Started at Tagulskoye field

11 April 2016

RN Vankor, a Rosneft subsidiary, started operational drilling at the Tagulskoye field. By the end of the year four production wells and one injection well are planned to be completed by drilling at the well pad №5. Drilling is being conducted using horizontal and directional methods in the reservoir of the Jakovlev formation. At the same time the second drilling rig is being installed at the field’s well pad №14. Another five wells are planned to be completed by drilling at the field in 2016.

Overall, as part of the operational drilling project at the Tagulskoye field, construction of 39 well pads and 506 wells (267 production and 239 injection ones) is envisaged.

Recoverable ABC1+C2 reserves of the Tagulskoye field as of 01.01.2016 amount to 286 mln t oil and condensate, and 228 bcm of gas. The Tagulskoye field is located close to the Vankor field, which enables minimizing transportation costs. It is planned to construct the 4.5 km infield oil pipeline linked to the Vankor-Purpe main oil pipeline.

Also an oil preparation unit, a field support base, a temporary complex for construction workers, motorways, intrafield pipelines, and high-tension power lines will be constructed in the course of Tagulsky project implementation. To ensure the supplies of electricity power for new fields construction of another gas-turbine electric power plant - Polyarnaya with a capacity of 150 MW as well as aerial transmission line with a capacity of 110 kV Vankor substation – Polyarnaya and Polyarnaya – Tagul substation are envisaged at Vankor.

Facilities of Tagul’s gas programme provide for the construction of gas processing and compression unit as well as 65 km long Tagul-Vankor gas pipeline.

Due to infrastructure of the Vankor field, the maximum synergies are being achieved for accelerated developing of the company’s new assets as part of the Vankor cluster’ evolvement.

Rosneft Information Division,
April 11, 2016