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Igor Sechin showed Indonesian delegation around Tuapse Refinery

18 May 2016

The Chairman of the Management Board of Rosneft Igor Sechin familiarized the delegation from Indonesia with the experience gained when upgrading Tuapse Refinery. The Indonesian delegation consisting of the State-Owned Enterprises Minister Rini Soemarno and Pertamina President Director Dwi Soetjipto visited the key operational premises of refinery and the deep-water marine terminal with the transshipment capacity of 17 million tons per year.

The Tuapse Refinery and the marine export terminal constitute a major Black Sea hub for the crude oil refining and export of oil products. Linking the Tuapse Hub with the Mediterranean would create substantial opportunities for trading with the Southern Europe, Northern Africa and other regions.

A large-scale investment program of Rosneft provides for expanding capacities of the oldest refinery in the industry sector up to 12 mmtpa and increasing conversion rate up to 98.5%. As a result of the refinery upgrade the Nelson complexity index will increase to 9 on a par with similar refineries in Western Europe. The entity will produce a wide range of oil products meeting the highest ecological standards.

In the course of a large-scale upgrade of Tuapse Refinery the Company has acquired the world-class competencies allowing to design and construct modern state-of-the-art refineries using cutting-edge technologies both in Russia and abroad.

For reference:

The Tuapse Refinery upgrade is carried out in three stages. The first stage was successfully completed in October 2013 when the largest in Russian crude distillation unit CDU-VDU-12 was put into operation.

Once the second stage facilities are commissioned, the Tuapse Refinery will start producing gasoline, diesel fuel and jet fuel meeting Euro-5 standard. The third stage of construction provides for commissioning of Flexycoking Unit intended for the deep conversion of oil residues.

In 2015 the vacuum block of CDU-VDU-12 unit was commissioned, which allowed to ensure production and sale of vacuum gasoil. Also, the funds were invested in construction of hydrocracking-hydrotreatment and reforming-isomerization.

The Tuapse Refinery is being upgraded without interrupting current production processes. Putting into operation the 1st stage has already allowed to create more than 400 new jobs. This refinery upgrade will allow to meet growing demand for the high-quality fuel in the southern regions of Russia. On top of that the unique geographical location and the Company's transshipment capacities in Tuapse will also boost alternative opportunities for exporting oil products.

Information Division,
May 18, 2016