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Rosneft Starts Sales of RON-100 High-Octane Gasoline from Yaroslavl Refinery

22 January 2021

Rosneft retail network has started selling the RON-100 high-octane gasoline produced by the Yaroslavl Refinery. The Yaroslavl Refinery launched the production of the RON-100-K5 gasoline in 2021. The launch of the new product was achieved through the implementation of a modernisation programme at the enterprise. The RON-100 gasoline has passed all qualification and bench tests at the Russian Research Institute of Petroleum Refining (VNII NP).

The Yaroslavl Refinery is the third refinery of Rosneft to produce RON-100-K5. Earlier, the production of the high-octane gasoline started at the Ryazan Refinery and the Ufa Group.

RON-100 gasoline is designed for high-powered engines. Its outstanding detonation properties make it possible to deliver the full potential of modern engines and increase the efficiency of sports car engines. The use of RON-100 gasoline increases engine power, improves acceleration and reduces engine vibration and noise. The fuel’s high environmental performance has been achieved through components with low sulphur, benzene and olefin content.

From January 2021, direct supplies of the new gasoline have been arranged from the Yaroslavl Refinery to Rosneft’s filling stations in Yaroslavl and Kostroma regions. Apart from that, the RON-100 fuel, including branded Pulsar-100 gasoline, is sold at the Company’s filling stations in 19 regions of Russia.

The high-octane Pulsar-100 gasoline produced by Rosneft is the official fuel of the Russian series of circuit racing, in which the LADA Sport ROSNEFT racing team takes part. Cars in all series classes use Rosneft petrol with an octane rating of 100 exclusively. The high detonation properties allow using the Pulsar-100 gasoline in both the 1.6-litre Touring-Lite and 2-litre Touring turbocharged engines.

Note for Editors:

Slavneft-YaNOS, one of Russia’s largest oil refineries, is an enterprise of Slavneft, a joint venture between Rosneft and Gazprom Neft. The plant has an annual refining capacity of more than 15 million tonnes of oil. The refinery’s product range includes Euro-5 motor gasoline and diesel fuel, jet fuel, a wide range of oils, bitumens, paraffin-wax products, aromatic hydrocarbons, liquefied gases, etc.

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January 22, 2021

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