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Rosneft Doubles Green Fuel Bunkering in Russia in 2020

26 March 2021

RN-Bunker, the operator of Rosneft’s bunkering business, more than doubled its volume of fuelling ships with low-sulphur bunker fuel to 1.3 million tonnes in 2020.

In total, the company supplied about 1.6 million tonnes of bunker fuel to domestic and foreign ship-owners in the Russian territorial waters last year. The share of clean MARPOL* compliant fuel in total refuelling was 84% in 2020 compared to 23% a year earlier, with the new low-sulphur marine fuel RMLS 40 accounted for more than 46% (0.6 million tonnes) of total sales.

Rosneft’s green marine fuel is in demand by domestic and foreign ship-owners. The sulphur content of these fuels does not exceed 0.1-0.5%, which significantly reduces emissions to the atmosphere. RMLS 40 marine fuels also contain fewer mechanical impurities and metals compared to other fuels.

In 2020, Rosneft continued to refocus its product portfolio towards low-sulphur marine fuels. The Company’s refineries successfully implemented measures to increase the production of environmentally friendly marine fuels and to develop its production at additional facilities in 2020:

    • Production of RMLS 40 type E II 0.5% low-sulphur marine fuel for the Black Sea and Northwest regions started at the Syzran Refinery.
    • The Achinsky refinery started production of 0.5% RMLS 40 type E II LSFO. The fuel is supplied to the Far East region.
    • Nizhnevartovsk Oil Refining Association has started production of 0.5% DMF-III marine fuel. The fuel is supplied for sale on the Western Siberia and the Volga-Don rivers basins.

The Company conducts a flexible pricing policy, guarantees consumers a quality product and traditionally provides high-quality services thanks to its own bunkering business. According to expert estimates, Rosneft’s share of the bunker market in Russia is around 20%, including due to the timely expansion of the environmentally friendly marine fuels product line and production increase.

Note for Editors:

Rosneft Bunker supplies and provides bunkering services to ships in all major Russian seaports in the Far East, the Black Sea and the North West, in river ports in the Volga-Don, Amur and Lena river basins. Today, the Company is ready to offer consumers a wide range of low-sulphur marine fuels, which fully comply with new international requirements.

Residual Marine Low Sulphur (RMLS 40) is a new product in Rosneft’s product line of low-sulphur residual marine fuels. In terms of sulphur content, RMLS 40 is divided into 2 types: E I, with sulphur content up to 0.1%, and E II, with sulphur content up to 0.5%. The fuel is produced at the Komsomolsk, Achinsk, Syzran and Bashneft-Ufaneftekhim hub refineries.

Today, the Company is ready to offer consumers a wide range of low-sulphur marine fuels, which fully comply with new international requirements.

* MARPOL is the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships.

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March 26, 2021

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