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15,000 Rosneft Employees Participate in the Water of Russia Environmental Campaign

17 October 2022

In 2022 more than 15,000 employees of Rosneft’s enterprises participated in the Water of Russia environmental campaign – and cleaned up the banks of water bodies from litter in 44 regions of the Company’s operations. The aim of the large-scale volunteer campaign is to preserve unique water bodies and promote respect for the environment and natural resources.

Responsible attitude towards the environment is an integral part of the Rosneft’s corporate culture and one of the key principles of its business. Reaffirming its commitment to achieving the UN’s sustainable development goals, the Company is implementing comprehensive water management measures, which include reducing water intake from natural sources and increasing the share of recycled and reused water, the environmentally safe treatment of produced water, and the introduction of modern wastewater treatment systems.

The Samotlorneftegaz staff held a cleaning day to clean up the 10-kilometre shoreline of Kymyl-Emtor lake as part of an environmental campaign. The oil workers cleaned up an area of 100,000 square metres and collected more than 50 cubic metres of waste. Employees of RN-Uvatneftegaz, Tyumenneftegaz, the Tyumen Petroleum Research Centre and Kynsko-Chaselskoe Neftegaz cleaned 16 hectares of the Pesyanoye lake shoreline area in Tyumen.

Ecovolunteers from RN-Yuganskneftegaz and NizhnevartovskNIPIneft cleaned up more than 12 kilometres of rubbish on the Ob River banks. Employees of RN-Morskoy Terminal Nakhodka cleaned up a popular recreational spot for residents – on Chituwai beach in Musatova Bay.

In total, Rosneft employees collected about 180 cubic metres of waste during the five months of the national Water for Russia campaign. The sorted plastic is sent for recycling. In the future, it will be used for building materials, clothes, toys and other useful items in everyday life.

In addition to participating in bank clean-up campaigns, Rosneft’s subsidiaries carry out activities to conserve important water bodies in the regions of operation.

A grant project to study the unique Solyonoye lake is being implemented with the support of Tyumenneftegaz. Tyumen State University experts compile lists of plants, animals and fungi in the lake’s vicinity and develop recommendations for organisational and environmental measures to preserve the ecosystem of the unique «Tyumen Dead Sea». Since 2011, the lake has had the status of a nature monument of regional importance. According to data available to date, the lake area is home to about 65 plant species and 64 animal species, all of which are included in the main sections of the Red List.

Employees of the Angarsk Petrochemical Company carried out environmental clean-up activities on the Angara River banks, which comes from Baikal lake, the deepest freshwater lake on Earth. The enterprise’s young professionals also held an eco-run in the Kitoy floodplain. The petrochemists and citizens of Angarsk did a three-kilometre cross-country race along the city’s embankment and cleaned up a large section of the riverbank. The volunteers collected a total of 20 bags of rubbish.

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October 17, 2022

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