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Kuibyshev Refinery Installs Urban Air Data Screens

21 July 2021

The Kuibyshev Refinery, part of Rosneft’s oil refining unit, has installed an urban eco-monitor, a special LED screen that will broadcast data on the air condition in the enterprise’s sanitary protection zone around the clock. Thus, the Kuibyshev refinery will be the first enterprise in the Samara region to implement this environmental initiative. The data monitor is not a legally required tool for monitoring refinery operations. The installation of the screen demonstrates the effectiveness of the measures taken at the refinery in terms of the environment, as well as the open information policy of the enterprise and the Company.

Information for the eco-monitor will be generated from laboratory measurements of air and wastewater and from three automated fixed monitoring stations located in the sanitary protection zone of the refinery.

The environmental performance of the Kuibyshev refinery is controlled by an advanced environmental monitoring complex, which includes an air and wastewater laboratory, a mobile environmental station and three stationary environmental stations.

The equipment allows about 10,000 atmospheric air analyses to be carried out every month for 11 indicators.

The Kuibyshev refinery has reduced its environmental impact by 2.5 times over the past five years. Among the major projects that have been carried out are the conversion of plant power from fuel oil to natural gas, the modernisation of the gas flare facility and the installation of pontoons on the feedstock and product depots, which have reduced oil product evaporation from the surface of the tanks to 99.5%. The BOV-2 recycled water supply unit commissioned has reduced the consumption of water from natural sources, the impact on the air and the consumption of electricity.

Implementation of a large-scale investment programme to modernise and upgrade the plant’s production facilities has made a major contribution to the task of reducing the Kuibyshev refinery’s environmental impact. For instance, three major industrial units were built and commissioned at the Kuibyshev refinery over the recent years: an isomerisation unit, a MTBE production unit and an FCC catalytic cracking complex that has replaced three previous-generation units at once. The new key facilities have been built to reflect the latest developments in industrial and environmental safety and have incorporated leading environmental technologies, which have significantly improved the environmental performance.

Note for Editors:

The Kuibyshev refinery is an enterprise of Rosneft Oil Company’s Samara group of refineries. The refinery specialises in the production of high-quality motor fuels, including Euro 5 gasoline and diesel.

The Kuibyshev refinery supplies its products to more than 65 regions of Russia.

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July 21, 2021

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